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ENGLISH class 11 (THE gardener) [High School] (3)
If two metallic balls made up of same mass are given charge where one is given positive charge and other is given negative charge.Will there masses change after giving charge on the balls? [Science] (2)
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Analogy between the Three Day Blow and Nick's mental condition [High School] (2)
If the sun somehow collapsed to form a black hole, what effect would this event have on the orbit of the earth? [Science] (2)
What do you mean by geo-stationary satellite? Explain? [Science] (2)
Explain why the moon has no atmosphere? [Science] (2)
How does ‘g’ at a point vary with distance from the centre of the earth? Where is the highest value of ‘g’? Explain [Science] (2)
Why an astronaut in a space capsule orbiting the earth experiences a feeling of weightlessness? [Science] (2)
The weight of a body is less inside the earth than on the surface. Explain [Science] (2)
What will happen to the value of ‘g’ if the earth stops rotating? [Science] (2)
Why are roads banked on curved path? [Science] (2)
Explain why a cyclist bend while going along curved road? [Science] (2)
A solid tied at the end of a string is revolved in vertical. At what point the tension in the string will be the greatest? [Science] (2)
When a bus takes a turn, passengers are thrown away from the centre of the curved path. Why? [Science] (2)
How will you justify that stone is more rigid than iron? [Science] (2)
If a cork is released from the bottom of a jar filled with water, what will happen and why? [Science] (2)